Many years ago, Kings and Queens chose to rule the kingdom of Thailand from Krung Thep at a northern location on the Chaopraya River.  Now considered the old city, it none the less remains sacrosanct, so accordingly Bangkok developed to a modern metropolis further downstream.

Nestled on the banks of the mighty Chaopraya, RIVER 88 is a new luxury residential complex, perfectly positioned within the prime river locale where major five star hotels and prestigious residential developments can be found.

RIVER 88 will be a “precious gem” prominently displayed for all on the river to admire. Petite in scale and with adherence to the classical style, this building will be a Chaopraya river landmark. In palatial size, scale and grandeur, eleven individual residences will be realized on four levels above two fine dining restaurants and wedding reception hall. A future entertainment expansion is being considered.
All the luxuries and accessories one would expect with international first class accommodation will be at hand.  Total exclusiveness and strict privacy will be the cornerstones for imperious residence over looking the fascinations of this marvelous Asiatic waterway.

A host of historical and exotic sightseeing venues and events are easily accessible along the Chaopraya River.  Most significantly Royalty plays the most eminent role with the palace and Royal Barge magnificently holding the river limelight.